Renting terms

Cinema : rates at April 1, 2015

  • Shooting buildings (castle, houses, Orangery, Stables): 4600 € per day.
  • Shooting Park and Gardens: € 2,300 per day.
  • Compensation for occupation by designers and technicians before and after the shooting : 2,300 € per day.

Photos : rates at April 1, 2015

  • per day: 2300 €
  • per half-day: 1600 €


A deposit will be made when booking.


The above rates are valide for shooting from 8am to 8 pm. For extra hours, you will have to pay a supplement.There are no half-day rentals for the cinema.


The owner has the right to remove furniture and ornaments. In case some furniture was left at the disposal of the film producer, the owner could ask to draw up an inventory, both descriptive and photographic, of all the furniture.


The producer must take out insurance against fire and damage that could occur during shooting.

Set inspection

The producer must pay compensation for set inspection during the shooting and for restoration of the site to its original state.

Security deposit

4,600 € for a film ; paid back at the end of the shooting.

Films credits

The producer will do his best to have the Château de Breteuil, Chevreuse Valley, in the films closing credits.

For bookings and further information

Contact: François-Henri de Breteuil, Fanny Moures, Valerie Douteaux
Château de Breteuil, Choisel 78460 Chevreuse
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