Romantic Park

The Park of Breteuil covers 300 acres. Visitors take long walks in the mysterious undergrowth and relax in the heart of nature only 35 km south-west of Paris and 20 km from Versailles. Such a variety in landscapes and species is hard to find in a single place in the Paris region.

Clumps of Rhododendrons which flower in spring, carpets of wild cyclamen in the autumn and striking trees punctuate the 'Remarkable Trees Path'. Those Remarkable Trees are the Cedars of Lebanon planted in the times of Queen Marie-Antoinette (18th century), Tercentenary Oak trees, Chestnut trees planted in the times of King Henri IV (early 17th century), Bald Cypress, Tulip poplars, Licario pine trees and many others. Follow the signs, the promenade leads you as far as two romantic pools which were first transformed in the second half of the 19th century. Nature lovers enjoy the peace and beauty of the place.

With the association A.R.B.R.E.S. (Remarkable trees: Outcome, Research, Studies and Safeguard) and Professor Georges Feterman, the 'Little Red Riding Hood' trail has been set up. The treasure hunt game (biodiversity quiz), specially adapted to families, turns the walk into a magical process of discovery of the biodiversity of the Park of Breteuil.

After walking back towards the castle, children can let off steam in the play area, where swings, climbing ladders and slides are surrounded by several hundred year old tree.

In Breteuil, visitors have a feeling of freedom. You can walk on the lawns. You can have a picnic, in the open or in a picnic shelter with tables and benches.

Near the playground, the kiosk-crêperie, which sells pancakes and snacks, is open on Sundays and Public Holidays from April 1 to October 28.

Points of interest in the Romantic Park:

  • Undergrowth
  • Remarkable Trees Path
  • Biodiversity Trail
  • Pools
  • Viewpoints
  • Play ground



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